Ti Top Island


Different from other popular tourist sites in Halong, Ti Top Island does not only possess breath taking romantic landscapes, but also has a heavenly beautiful beach which is perfect for any beach activity. From the island, tourists can catch the view to Bo Hon Island and the right of Dam Nam Island. Titop is visited by thousands of tourists everyday and with good reason, as for many this is the highlight of their entire Halong Bay experience.

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Ti Top beach via Mytour

After 5 months of flight to space on the ship “Phuong Dong 2” at the beginning of 1962, G. Titov was invited to visit Vietnam by Ho Chi Minh president and Vietnam government. The 26- years old astronaut was warmly welcomed by locals.
On 22nd January, 1962, Ho Chi Minh President and G. Titov landed on Hong Quang coalmine and Halong Bay. They visited Halong Bay by boat of Vietnam navy. When the cruise sailed to yellow sand beach, Ho Chi Minh President offered G. Titov and participants to go to the island to visit and relax. Although it was quite cold, G. Titov still swam and enjoyed on the island. After lunch on the island, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, Uncle Ho said to everyone that G. Titov couldn’t stay in Vietnam forever, so to memorize the visit of G. Titov, Uncle Ho named the island as Ti Top Island.
G. Titov was the central director of Soviet- Vietnam Friendship Association from 1966 to 1991 and honorary director of Vietnam- Russia Friendship Association from 1992 to 2000 (when he passed away). In the summer of 1999, he came back to Halong Bay to visit his name island and talked about nice memories in the visit with Ho Chi Minh President.


Kayak in Ti Top Island via Charming Palace Cruise

Unlike many other tourist attractions in Halong Bay, in addition to beautiful natural scenery, charming, Ti Top island also owns a beautiful beach called Ti Top beach. Here, visitors can climb to the summit panoramic view of this beautiful island. Looking down from on high, Ti Top beach is shaped like a foot moon island embraces it. Although the beach area is not large but quiet , spacious and very clean, sandy beach is continuous ebb tide washed, white, blue sea in four seasons . Perhaps because of the prominent advantages that Ti Top always attract tourists to visit, especially international tourists like to visit this beach. In the summer, every day there are dozens of train travel tours take visitors to the island, the beach.

In an attempt to serve the increasing number of tourists to Ti Top Island, there have been numerous high-end resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, life-buoy renting, skydiving, or kayak facilities built recently.

To meet the needs of travelers , tourism offerings currently on the island of Ti Top relatively complete , serve to provide visitors the best things such as bar, souvenir shops and services rental swimsuit , swim float, water motor, parachute, kayak …

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